3 benefits of using salvaged materials when building your home

19 October 2018
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If you have plans to build a home soon, you should consider using salvaged materials to construct some parts of it. Read on to discover why this is a good idea. 1. It's more environmentally-friendly The manufacturing and transportation of new construction materials generate a lot of greenhouse gases, which damage the ozone layer and subsequently contribute to climate change. Furthermore, because a lot of essential building materials are made from wood (such as structural framework components, flooring and countertops), the production of these materials also contributes to deforestation, a serious issue which has led to a drastic reduction in biodiversity in many parts of the world. Read More 

Tree Removal Dangers Everyone Should Know

11 October 2018
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Generally, tree care work can be risky, but tree removal is dangerous. Felling a tree successfully requires knowledge of biology, tree physics, advanced cutting techniques, cutting tools and much more. If you attempt tree removal by yourself, you could be injured by malfunctioning equipment, falling limbs or the tree itself. Here is a list of tree hazards you should know and avoid. Improper equipment When removals professionals are doing their job, they normally wear protective gear from their heads to toes. Read More 


26 September 2018
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Whether you intend to use your piping system for water supply, waste management, gas supply or oil supply, you need to ensure that your piping system is competent enough to support the substance you will be transporting. It is for this reason that sheet metals are preferred due to their strength, durability and lightweight nature. Notably, when you intend to use the services of a sheet metal fabricator, there are two ways in which this may be done: in-field fabrication and installation or shop fabrication. Read More 

Dos and Don’ts of Using Timber for Tiny Home Conversions

23 July 2018
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Tiny home conversions generally use a pre-fabricated option as the shell for the home. These shells tend to be garden sheds or caravans. Though these shells do save you money compared to building a tiny home from complete scratch, they will need some conversions to be a suitable long-term living option. One of the materials you can use in the conversion is timber. Here are some dos and don'ts of using timber for your tiny home conversion to ensure durability and longevity. Read More 

5 Things You Need To Do Before You Hire A Trailer

29 May 2018
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When planning on moving a large amount of anything, the first idea most people will have is to hire a trailer and do it themselves. This if a fantastic idea and, when done well, it can save you time and money and provide you with a new set of skills for the future. However, just like attempting anything new, problems can arise, and you want to be prepared. Here are 5 tips and tricks that will make sure you are fully prepared when hiring your trailer. Read More