The grass isn't always greener, but it can be: How to create a greener lawn

14 January 2015
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As any proud garden owner will testify, having a swathe of green grass in the yard is a symbol of gardening prowess. Yes, it can be wonderful to have an elaborate patio space with a water feature. Yes, it can be great to grow your own vegetables in a thriving vegetable patch. But the fundamental aspect of so many gardens is the lawn, and a lawn that is brilliant green looks so much more inviting and healthier than a lawn that is fading in colour. So what exactly can you do to ensure that your lawn is greener than your neighbours'?

Get a mowing regimen in place

For your lawn to grow to its optimum health, you need to do more than just mow your lawn when you notice it is looking a little out of control. In fact, you need to put a mowing regimen in place. For a lawn to be green, it has to be growing, and this means that mowing it every day could actually hurt your lawn and make it more yellowing.  

The rate of growth will depend on the type of grass in your garden, so you will need to experiment a little with mowing schedules to decipher what is best for optimum growth. Start with a once a week rule and see how it goes. If the grass looks too yellow than switch out to once every fortnight. You should also never cut off more than a third from the length of your grass to ensure that it is given the opportunity to grow and become green. You might need to adjust the blades on your mower to achieve just the right cut.

Quench your lawn's thirst

Like any living organism, grass needs to be watered in order to thrive. Exactly how you water your lawn will depend on the climate of the place you live. If you live in a wet area, you might find that Mother Nature does the job perfectly well on her own. But there are plenty of places in Australia that suffer from extensive dry spells. In very dry areas, getting out your watering can each morning might just be too much work and it could be worth looking into specialist lawn supplies such as an irrigation system.  

An automated irrigation system will ensure that an even amount of water is distributed to your lawn on a regular basis. If your neighbours only have access to a watering can, this is one way of making sure that you are doing all you can to achieve a green and healthy lawn. And if you are scared about wasting too much water with this kind of kit, you should know that it can actually save water. Because the water is distributed precisely to the needs of your lawn, water is not wasted.

You need to feed your lawn too

Yes, your lawn also needs to be fed. Many people know that they should fertilise their tomato plants or their rose plants, but when it comes to grass, they just let it be. But fertilising grass is also a bright idea.

Probably the best type of fertiliser for a garden lawn is a slow release fertiliser. The difference with these kinds of fertilisers is that they dissolve more slowly, meaning that your lawn gets a less intense feed over a longer period of time. This can be an attractive quality for a lawn fertiliser because when using a fertiliser that is too intense, or when too much fertiliser is applied, this can burn grass. You will be able to find slow release fertilisers in the lawn supplies section of any garden centre or home and garden store.

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