Skip Bin Hire Or Garbage Compactor? Which One Will Work Better For Your Business?

30 October 2015
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Every business generates some type of waste and even if your new company goes as green as it possibly can, there is still going to be excess garbage at the end of the day that needs to go somewhere. Some businesses hire skip bins, while others hire garbage compactors, so now is the time to decide which option is going to work out better for you.

Pros and Cons Of Skip Bin Hire

When you hire a skip bin to keep at your business for waste disposal, the number one rule if you do not want strangers going through it is to make sure it is located on your property. It cannot be on a common ground area, and it must have 'no trespassing' signs close by to make it very clear you do not want dumpster divers going through your trash. The art of dumpster diving is legal in Australia, unless someone tries to forage through a bin that is on private property.

So when it comes to the benefits of hiring a skip bin, what are the biggest wins for your business?

  • There is no maintenance required to keep it in a good, working condition. Your employees simply head outside, toss the trash, and they're back to work in minutes.
  • It is the cheapest cost option since there is only the rental fee for the bin.
  • When it comes to emptying the bin, you can organize the skip bin to be collected on a regular schedule, and you can also easily arrange extra pick ups at any time they are needed simply by making a phone call.

Of course, there are also negatives you need to know so you can make an informed choice about your skip bin hire.

  • Nothing placed in the bin will remain private. Even if you keep the bin on private property, you still run the risk of a curious dumpster diver trying to have a peek at what is inside.
  • Dumpster divers aren't always known for leaving the area in the same clean condition after they've rifled through your bin. This means you will need to have an employee spend valuable working time cleaning up the mess left behind.
  • You may need to invest money in fencing around the bin if it becomes popular with divers, which does offset the low-cost reason for using a bin.

‚ÄčThe other option when it comes to garbage removal is to consider the use of a garbage compactor.

Pros and Cons Of Garbage Compactor Hire

A garbage compactor is a machine that compresses your garbage flat until it is only a small percentage of its original size. Some compactors have blades in them to shred your trash while it is being compacted. So, what are the main benefits of using a garbage compactor?

  • There is little left of your garbage after it has been shredded and/or compacted, so this will deter dumpster divers from visiting you.
  • You reduce the carbon footprint of your business because once the trash has been compacted, it takes up far less space in the landfill.

Garbage compactors don't suit every business though, particularly when you consider these negative components.

  • Garbage compactors do have moving parts, so they need regular maintenance to keep them working. You could experience downtime if the machine gets jammed or broken and you need to wait for someone to repair it.
  • Garbage compactors remove the recycling option of your trash, which may be of concern to you if you are trying to be a truly 'green' company.
  • Staff need to be trained to use a garbage compactor safely, so not every member of your staff is going to be able to use it, and that makes it a restrictive method of garbage disposal.

Once you take these points into consideration, you can more effectively choose the right method of garbage disposal for your business. Skip bin rental can start the same day as the phone call you make to organize one, so if it is the best option for your company, there is no need to delay any longer.