How to Know Your Main Sewer Line Needs to Be Cleaned

21 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have been dealing with a lot of plumbing problems and regular snaking of the drains isn't helping, it might have to do with the main sewer line. This often occurs when the sewer line is clogged or the pipes are damaged. Here are some signs that the sewer line needs to be cleaned.

There Are Noises From the Toilet

When you suspect that there is a main sewer line problem, one good way to tell is by listening to your toilet bowl. If you hear gurgling or bubbling noises that seem to be continuous, even without flushing it recently, then it might be from the main sewer line. This is most often caused by tree roots growing into the sewer line, causing a major blockage. You will need to call a plumbing professional to first inspect the line to see if this is the problem, then remove the tree roots and make any necessary repairs.

Multiple Plumbing Fixtures Have Backups

Not only will you notice that there seem to be clogs in multiple plumbing fixtures, but there are often backups and odd behaviours with these fixtures. For example, when you run the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink, you might notice that there is sewage backup coming up the shower drain. Or if you flush a toilet, you might notice that there is water coming up in a sink in that bathroom or another room of the house. It could also simply be backups without even turning anything on, where you just walk into your kitchen and notice brown or black water in the bottom of the sink. When these types of problems occur, it is usually from a clog in the main sewer line.

There Is Drainage Outside

Head outside your home and find the clean-out line if you know where it is. This can be helpful because if you notice drainage near the clean-out line, then it is probably a sign that you have a problem with the main sewer line. You can try opening up the drain-out and looking inside to see if there is water backing up or if you notice waste around the area. If so, call a plumber and let them know what you found so they can get it cleaned out properly.

Any time you have plumbing issues and can't remedy it with a simple cleaning out of indoor drains, it is often from a sewer line problem. For more information, contact local professionals like RMC.