When You Need a Professional For Your Blocked Drains

21 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you run water in a sink or shower and it drains slowly or not at all, it is usually a sign of having a blockage. In many cases, you can clear the drain on your own by using a plumbing auger, also called a plumbing snake. However, you might have a situation that is more severe and calls for a professional. Here are some different situations where calling a professional for the blocked drains is a good idea.

You Notice Signs of a Sewer Line Blockage

If you have tried clearing the indoor drains on your own and can't seem to fix the problem, it is time to look out for some signs that you have a blocked sewer line. Instead of just having one clogged plumbing fixture, like the shower or kitchen sink, main sewer line clogs usually causes all of your plumbing fixtures to have issues with running water. You may also notice water or sewage backing up in multiple fixtures, such as with water coming up the bathroom sink when you run water in the shower. When you think the problem is due to a sewer line, it is best that you call a professional plumber to fix the problem.

There is Risk of Water Damage

You may also have some water damage in your home at the same time you have blocked drains. If you have a bathroom sink that seems to be clogged and water is flowing over the sink onto the countertops and dripping onto the floor or there is water underneath the sink, you need to call a professional right away. All of this water can lead to water damage very quickly, and it will only worsen while you wait to try and fix it yourself.

You Suspect You Have Damaged Pipes

There are some blocked drains that are not due to an actual clog, but the plumbing issues are from a pipe that has burst or cracks in a pipe. Perhaps when you returned home from a winter vacation, you noticed that water was not running through the pipes. It might not have been from a clog, but actually from the pipes being frozen. This could have led to damage of the pipes, which may now need to be repaired or replaced by a professional. Any time damage to the plumbing pipes is a risk or worry, you should call a professional.