Installing A Static Water Supply: Advice For Homeowners

1 December 2014
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Bushfires present one of the biggest threats to property and human life in Australia. Fire authorities see more than 50,000 bushfires in Australia every summer, causing $1.6 billion in damage. When a bushfire breaks out, static water supplies can help firefighters protect rural properties, and many authorities recommend (or insist) that homeowners invest in these systems. Find out about the benefits of a static water supply, and learn more about what you need to do to install this feature. Read More 

Building The Perfect Backyard Pergola: Three Points You Should Know

21 November 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

With the temperatures are beginning to warm up in Australia, many people begin storing away their winter woollies for another year, and start reaching to their shorts and singlets instead. Outdoor living is popular this time of year with barbecues being fired up each night for easy eating in the fresh air. Before you suffer from another year of sunburn and overheating while you are outside turning the prawns, it is time to get your pergola built and ready for use. Read More