Skip Bin Hire Or Garbage Compactor? Which One Will Work Better For Your Business?

30 October 2015
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Every business generates some type of waste and even if your new company goes as green as it possibly can, there is still going to be excess garbage at the end of the day that needs to go somewhere. Some businesses hire skip bins, while others hire garbage compactors, so now is the time to decide which option is going to work out better for you. Pros and Cons Of Skip Bin Hire Read More 

Dealing With An Asbestos Roof: Advice For Homeowners

24 February 2015
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The Australian construction industry started to use asbestos materials in the 1920s, and homes built up until 1990 often include asbestos. When scientists discovered the link between asbestos and several life-threatening diseases, the government eventually banned the material in residential properties, but renovators must now deal with the legacy of this dangerous substance across Australia. Learn more about asbestos roofing, and find out what you need to do if you want to replace this material with something safer. Read More 

Tips On The Best Fencing For Your New Mini Horses

21 January 2015
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Miniature horse ownership in Queensland is continuing to grow in popularity. Before you begin buying mini horses and moving them onto your property, you need to consider which fencing is the best option for keeping them safe. Keep these points in mind before you call in your local fencing contractor. All Fencing Types No matter which type of fencing you choose for your mini horses, there are a couple of important safety features you need to remember before the fences are erected. Read More 

The grass isn’t always greener, but it can be: How to create a greener lawn

14 January 2015
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As any proud garden owner will testify, having a swathe of green grass in the yard is a symbol of gardening prowess. Yes, it can be wonderful to have an elaborate patio space with a water feature. Yes, it can be great to grow your own vegetables in a thriving vegetable patch. But the fundamental aspect of so many gardens is the lawn, and a lawn that is brilliant green looks so much more inviting and healthier than a lawn that is fading in colour. Read More