Guidelines for Securing Your Home

20 April 2017
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Keeping your home secure from burglars and intruders should always be top priority. However, just because you always keep the doors and windows locked, doesn't mean you are doing everything possible. Here are some guidelines to follow when trying to keep your home secure.

Don't Leave the Garage Door Opener in Your Vehicle

A common mistake people make is leaving their garage door opener in their vehicle where others can see it. IT might be convenient to have it sitting on your dashboard or clipped to your sun visor, but this only makes it a target for potential intruders. If someone sees your car in the driveway and notices the opener right on the dashboard, they might be inclined to break into your car, take the opener, and get into your garage. This gets them one step closer to breaking into your home. If you insist on keeping it in your car, hide it under a seat or at least in the glove department.

Install an Alarm System

If you believe your home is at a high risk for being broken into, it is worth paying the money for an alarm system. There are many different ways you can go, from getting a simple audio alarm to installing surveillance cameras in front of your garage and door. If you don't want to go to the alarm route, a good alternative is to install motion detectors in front of your house. These will cause a light on the porch to go on if someone walks up to the garage or close to the front door, alerting them that you know someone is outside. This is often enough to deter a criminal from breaking in.

Be Careful Where You Hide Keys

Hiding a house key outside of your house is a good idea in case you happen to lose your key. However, there are some obvious places that criminals are going to look for first. Avoid hiding it under your door mat, in a flower vase close to the front door, or under a rock that is obviously different from the rest. Better options include under siding, underneath a dog house in the back yard, or inside a rock that looks identical to every other rock in that same location. If you can't find a good hiding place, it is worth to just not hide a key and call a locksmith if you get locked out.

Get a More Secure Door Lock

Just because your door is always locked, doesn't mean your home is secure enough. You might want to consider the type of lock you have and upgrade to a more secure one. A locksmith can help you choose the most secure lock, since they know the locks that are the most difficult to break into. A good option would be a double cylinder deadbolt, which requires a key to unlock the outside and inside of the lock, which is much more difficult for a criminal to pick.

To learn more about securing your home, contact a 24-hour locksmith.