Why you should consider timber

1 May 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you choose to build your house there are many materials you can choose from depending on the kind of home you want to have. Other factors that could influence you include the climatic conditions as well as the size of the building. Timber is one material that has been in use for a very long time and today it is still one of the best materials. You can construct a house with timber wall frames and timber trusses to enjoy the following perks;

Strength and durability

Timber roof trusses are light and the timber can be treated to become very strong for both wall frames and timber trusses. If well fabricated the joints can fit well and eliminate weaknesses that would form.

Environment friendly

Sustainable timber is good for the environment as it is made of carbon absorbed from the air. Even if the structure gets so old that one day it is demolished, timber will rot in a way that most if not all of it will be consumed by microorganisms. If the trusses and wall frames are prefabricated, there will be little if any waste generated at the construction site.

Speed of construction

Since roof trusses, as well as wall frames, can be prefabricated in a factory to the specifications of measurements, joints, and designs required, most of the what is done at a construction site is to assemble the parts into a structure. This reduces the length of time a project will take.


Compared to other alternative materials you could use for your trusses and frames, timber is quite cheap. If you take into consideration prefabricated trusses or frames, you will also require less labor which will be needed for a shorter time. These bring a reduction in the costs of the project.

Energy efficient

Timber is known for its insulating capabilities as it is a poor conductor of heat. It will help reduce the need for heating and cooling in your house.


With timber roof trusses you can experiment with many roof designs. Also, both wall frames and trusses can be used with other materials easily. To top it all, the wooden look is usually beautiful.

Important note

Timber trusses and frames, however, need to be treated well to be durable. If they are prefabricated they should be passed through rigorous quality checks to ensure the measurements are accurate. The type of timber used is also a big contributor on the suitability of the wall frames or trusses for a project.