Custom Pool Construction: Choosing the Perfect Tiles for Your Swimming Pool

26 October 2017
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If you are planning on building a custom pool, you must consider numerous design elements before commencing. One of the most critical features that you should think about is the tiling. Tiles are more appealing than other interior pool surfaces such as vinyl liners. Also, they are durable and easy to clean and maintain. Like other construction materials, there are countless types and brands of swimming pool tiles. Therefore, choosing the right fit can be challenging. If you are uncertain about the perfect choice, consider this short discussion on the most popular tiling materials.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are expensive in comparison to alternatives, but their popularity in the construction of designer pools is ever rising. The likability of the material can be primarily attributed to the visual impact. In general, the transparency of glass complements the clarity of the water, creating a striking vision. Moreover, glass can be moulded into different shapes and designs. This versatility allows homeowners to have unique pools with strong allure. If you are interested in this type of tile but are intimidated by the pricing, you should consider combining these high-end tiles with cheaper alternatives. You will save money and build a distinctive pool with an appealing edge.

Natural Stone Tiles

If you prefer tiles with a textured feel, you should think about installing natural stone tiling in your swimming pool. The popularity of this material can be attributed to the authentic look. The natural stone tiles can be used as part of the coping and then blended into the deck or patio. Also, you should note that this category of materials is slip-resistant. Therefore, it is an ideal option for minimising poolside accidents. Some natural stones have a high porosity which can interfere with their durability and performance. For the best results, choose sealed stone tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are inexpensive, so they are staples for swimming pool finishing. While these are low-end products, you will find some great variants of the standard. For example, if you would like your pool to have a splash of colour, you can select hand-painted units with intricate designed or coloured tiles for a mosaic. There are also textured tiles which will blend well with the surrounding stone hardscape. Additionally, glazed tiles will provide striking accents to your pool without the high cost of glass tiles.

There are numerous pool tile products in the market, and the quality is not homogenous. For more information, contact designer pool builders.